Christus Films is a documentary and feature film company with a simple goal. We want to tell stories that are both meaningful and powerful, but ones you might have to go “off the beaten path” to find. We want to entertain, but more importantly we want to use the skills and talents God has given us to bring honor to his name. If we never make a penny more than we spend doing it, that’s just fine with us.

We’re not satisfied with the current story-telling climate in Hollywood. But at the same time, we want to make films that can compete in that climate – films that display unparalleled artistry and careful scripting. Our films will not be overly “preachy” in their content. Instead, we believe that we can spur thought on the questions and quandaries of life with a subtle emphasis on life principles drawn from Scripture.

Christus Films focuses on the production of films that may be viewed by the entire family. But we don’t desire just to tell happy stories. Where realism is required in telling a story, we will not shy away from it. We will, however, make certain that our audience is aware that the realities of life, sometimes hurtful and sometimes tragic, are far for the best and ideal.

Christus Films partners with Studios 121 in Fort Worth, Texas, in production and with Soil4, a full-service creative agency, for its design needs.

Gregory Tomlin

Dr. Gregory Tomlin is president of Christus Films, LLC. A career communications professional, “Greg” as he’s known to most, gave up a promising career in the corporate world to enter Christian higher education. For eight years, he studied Greek, Hebrew, theology and church history at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. He completed his master’s and doctor of philosophy degrees there and worked for the institution for several years before working as a national correspondent for a news service and as executive director of communications and marketing for a Texas university.

“I once thought that what the psalmist said so long ago was true without qualification: ‘delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart,’” Greg says. “But it wasn’t until I was older that I realized that God often waits for us to develop the kind of character, maturity and discipleship that can shoulder the responsibilities that come with what we desire. We have to, as the same psalm says, commit ourselves to God and his ways first. Working in television, film and creative production is and always has been my desire. But I do not regret the path God led me on to get me here.”

Greg remains assistant professor of church history and an instructional mentor for Liberty University.

Our Message

Unapologetically Christian – that’s how we define our company. There’s no sense in trying to conceal our identity. In fact, we want the world to know. You’ll find subtle and sometimes not so subtle messages about the gospel, faith and forgiveness in what we write and produce.

Why is this so? Because we’ve been changed by a message that’s so radical and yet so profoundly personal. We were dead in our sins, but made alive in Jesus Christ, who more than 2,000 years ago conquered sin by his death on the cross and death by his resurrection on a beautiful Sunday morning. Don’t believe it? Let’s talk.

We’ve spent a lifetime explaining the message of our Great High Priest offering himself as a sacrificial lamb for his people. We’ll be happy to do it one more time.

The Symbol

Christus Films, LLC bears in its logo a traditional Christian symbol called the labarum. It is one of the oldest, but not the oldest, symbols representing Jesus Christ. Taken from the first two Greek letters of the name for Christ, the Chi and the Rho, the letters are combined to form what has been called “Constantine’s Cross.”

The man who would later be crowned emperor of Rome instructed his soldiers to paint this symbol on their shields after he reported he had been given a vision from heaven that he would win a battle at the Milvian Bridge against Maxientus, his imperial rival, in A.D. 312. Constantine won the battle and the rest is, as they say, history. He later disclosed that a voice from heaven had instructed him, in hoc signo vinces, or “in this sign, conquer.”

We have no imperial ambitions, but we do believe the only way we will conquer life in “this mortal coil” is with Christ as our general and faith as our shield. Thank you, William S., for allowing us to quote you so long after your departure from said mortal coil.