Hell’s Half Acre (c)

Christus Films, LLC, is currently shopping the script Hell’s Half Acre to studios and it is also competing on the festival circuit in screenwriting competitions. Hell’s Half Acre (HHA) is set in the early days of Fort Worth. It is a script with strong biblical imagery and theological concepts about the nature of man, good and evil, and the sanctity of marriage.

The script introduces us to two brothers, Dwight and Elijah Whitlock. The elder Dwight, from his very childhood, is a troublesome child, contrasting with Elijah, who early on develops strong beliefs about right and wrong. Elijah is convicted of a crime committed by his brother and is sent away for the better part of two decades. When he returns, Elijah attempts to rebuild his life under a psuedonym.  But he finds his brother the king of Fort Worth’s notorious Hell’s Half Acre. Elijah’s commitment to right is tested in a clash with his brother over the past, over his future, and over the woman he loves.

HHA evokes the stories of Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, and Joseph.


The Man Left Behind (2013)


Christus Films recently completed a documentary that was filmed on location in Vietnam in December 2011-January 2012. The film, which originally was to follow three veterans returning to Vietnam, each with his eldest child, was narrowed to focus on one family (a father, wife, daughter and sons). Camera crews followed Col. (Ret.) Paul Longgrear and his family as they explored Vietnam and Paul’s experiences there in 1967-1968 and 1969-1970. It is a film that explores the memories of the loved and lost, faith and forgiveness. The film is currently competing on the festival circuit.